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Research Areas related to RIVIC Research Visual Computing Projects

The University research that is carried out as part of RIVIC's activities will often bridge a number of different Research Areas. Often a member institute may specialize in different Research Areas to another institute. This collaboration makes RIVIC quite unique and is a critical factor in our success.

In an attempt to help you find research projects that may be applicable to Research Areas that you may be interested in, our Visual Computing Projects have been categorised into the relevant Research Areas. Each Research Area can have many projects associated with it. The association between the Research Area and Visual Computing Projects simplify identifies an existing application of the research in that domain.

So far, we have specifically identified the following  Research Areas; Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Data Visualization, Geometry Processing, Imaging, Rendering, Video Processing and Virtual Environments.

Below is a collection of icons that are used to represent the Research Areas that are associated to a given project. Click on an icon to be taken to a fuller description of that Research Area and to view Visual Computing Projects that are associated with that Research Area.

  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality (AR) involves the real time registration of computer generated imagery to augment the information available within a real world scene.

  • Computer Vision

    Computer Vision

    Computer vision is one of the key fields within the umbrella of visual computing.

  • Data Visualization

    Data Visualization

    Data visualisation and information visualisation use visual representations of abstract and real data to help impart better understanding and analysis of that data.

  • Geometry Processing

    Geometry Processing

    RIVIC conducts world leading research in geometry processing.

  • Imaging


    The science and understanding of images is a fundamental aspect of visual computing. Within this area, RIVIC is the home to leading research in high dynamic range imaging.

  • Rendering


    Rendering is the process of generating an image that represents a (usually) three dimensional world from a particular view point.

  • Video Processing

    Video Processing

    Video provides a stream of images that need to be processed and analysed for a variety of different applications.

  • Virtual Environments

    Virtual Environments

    Virtual Environments (and Virtual Reality) involves real time interaction with a three dimensional virtual world using your natural senses and skills.