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Themes related to RIVIC Research Visual Computing Projects

The research that is carried out as part of RIVIC's activities will often be applicable to a number of different domains or industry sectors. In an attempt to help you find Visual Computing Projects that may be applicable to your domain, we have categorised the Research Visual Computing Projects into 'Themes'. Each Theme can have many Visual Computing Projects associated with it. The association between the Theme and the Visual Computing Project simplify identifies an existing application of the research in that domain.

So far, we have specifically identified the following Themes; Architecture, CAD/CAM/CAE, Creative Industries, Defence, Education, Heritage, Industrial, Medical, Security and Sports.

Below is a collection of icons that are used to represent the Themes that are associated to a given project. Click on an icon to be taken to a more detailed description of that Theme and to view Visual Computing Projects that are associated with it.

  • Architecture


    Computer Graphics allows Visualization engineers to create Virtual Prototypes of designs. Advanced illumination algorithms can yield very realistic architecture models enabling effective Visualization designs. See our Visual Computing Projects

  • CAD / CAM / CAE

    CAD / CAM / CAE

    Computer Aided Design, Manufacture and Engineering all rely on visual computing techniques such as computer graphics rendering and geometry processing.

  • Creative Industries

    Creative Industries

    The creative industries covers movie special effects, games, art works and much more.

  • Defence


    RIVIC members have developed many areas of visual computing techniques for the defence industry.

  • Education


    All areas of education can be improved through the use of appropriate visual aids.

  • Heritage


    There is a great deal of interest in Virtual Heritage and other applications of visual computing in the Heritage domain.

  • Industrial


    There are few industries in which visual computing technologies cannot contribute in some way.

  • Medical


    There are many applications of visual computing in the medical domain and this is a particular area of specialism within RIVIC.

  • Security


    One of the major applications of visual analytics is in the security domain.

  • Sports


    RIVIC Members are pioneering new techniques for using visual computing for athletes and coaches in different sporting events.