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Bangor Bangor


Bangor University has restructured its academic domain into four colleges to develop strong areas of research, especially interdisciplinary. Within the College of Physical and Applied Sciences, Computer Science has been established as a research-led, standalone discipline centred on strategically targeted groups. Bangor returned its computer science activities to the RAE for the first time in 2008 and achieved a profile of 4*: 15%, 3*: 35%, 2*: 40%, providing an excellent platform for future growth.

The Visualization & Medical Graphics (VMG) group, established in 200, is now the largest research group within the School with active research interests in medical visualization, virtual environments, information visualization, use of haptics interfaces, segmentation, aritificial life, and augmented reality. The success of WIVC is extremely important and is fully compatible with Bangor’s institutional strategy. Further, Bangor’s Enterprise Partnership with Aberystwyth University provides strong evidence of Bangor’s commitment to pan-Wales delivery of research excellence and knowledge transfer.

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